Phenix City is located in Russell County, and extends into Lee County in the state of Alabama. This town, found immediately West from the Chattahoochee River, is named after "Eagle and Phenix Mill" which was in the area at the time. In addition, many claim that the last battle of the Civil War took place here. Though it is legally in the Central Time Zone, because of its close proximity to Columbus, most areas observe the Eastern Time Zone on a day to day basis. Phenix City is about 1 mile NW of Columbus, GA, and can be considered part of the Columbus metropolitan area. While in Phenix City, you can view a few attractions such as: Lakeview Golf Course, Parkview Shopping Center, and Asbury Park Lake. In 2007, BusinessWeek named Phenix City the nation's #1 Best Affordable Suburb to raise a family.   




Columbus, Georgia is where the 22-mile paved walk on the Chattahoochee River begins. Columbus was established in 1828 by an act of the Georgia Legislature as a trading post to strengthen the western border of Georgia. Columbus is the home of many things, including: Aflac, Synovus, and Total Systems (TSYS); and can also be known as the last "frontier town” of the original Thirteen Colonies. Fort Benning Military Reservation, the Army's Maneuver Center, borders Columbus on the South and Southeast and is not only a primary U.S. Army training facility, but also the major employer of the region. Development patents of the community have been significantly influenced by its presence. 


Columbus is divided into five geographic areas:

Downtown is referred to as "Uptown." Downtown has multiple historic districts, homes, churches, The RiverWalk, Marketplace, and Concerts that will start again in the Spring!

East Columbus is a residential area east of the central business district.

MidTown is known by the location of the corporate headquarters of Aflac. This area is a mixture of both residential and commercial. While in the area stop by the Dinglewood Pharmacy to enjoy a scramble chili hotdog.

North Columbus is known as "Northside." North Columbus is a suburban area such as Timber Creek and Green Island. It also has several shopping areas such as: TJ Maxx and Academy Sports.

South Columbus is located below MidTown region and north of Fort Benning.